Elasticsearch 0.20.3

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Release Notes

Upgrade Notes:

  • Upgrading from 0.19 requires a full cluster restart.

Breaking Changes:

  • Shared Gateway has been deprecated (2459)
  • Snappy compression has been deprecated (2458)
  • Plugins Installer: Allow to download plugins from download.elasticsearch.org (#2507)
  • Sometimes MapperParsingException and sometimes not (#2354)


  • Support filter inside has_parent and has_child filter (#2588)
  • Make script cache configurable and bounded (#2539)

Bug fixes:

  • Primary shard failure with initializing replica shards can cause the replica shard to cause allocation failures (#2592)
  • Parent & child queries can fail if a segment doesn’t have documents with the targeted type or associated parent type (#2537)
  • NullPointerException during parent/child query (ES 0.20.2) (#2536)
  • Update request with upsert may fail. (#2530)