Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop

Immediate Insight Into Your Big Data

Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop — also known as es-hadoop — is a two-way connector that lets you read and write data to Elasticsearch and query it in real time, helping you leverage the power of both Hadoop and Elasticsearch.

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Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop 2.4.0

Installation Steps

  • Download and unpack the latest Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop distribution

  • Add to Hadoop

  • Interact seamlessly with Elasticsearch for Hadoop

    Simple and friendly start up. No high barriers or infrastructure needed.


  • Spark:
    • Explicitly specify buildScan return type #826

Bug fixes

  • Rest:
    • Elasticsearch-spark connector failing to save data with an Illegal Argument Exception : "No class name given" #837
    • Fix memory leak caused by re-wrapping DelegatedProtocol #823
    • Fixed a bug in the Resource URI Query parsing
  • Spark:
    • Fix: Non empty BINARY fields are considered empty #834
    • Spark Datasource: Non empty BINARY fields are always considered empty #835

Non Issue

  • Hive:
    • Error Loading Data #839
  • Pig:
    • Get fields with documents in Elasticsearch #825

Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop 5.0.0-rc1


  • Rest:
    • Expire Unused Pooled Transports in Spark Streaming #849


  • Rest:
    • Documentation : es.read.field.as.array.include NOT es.field.read.as.array.include #860


  • Pig:
    • Store Map as object with Pig in Elasticsearch #848
  • Spark:
    • pyspark fails to write with 5.0.0-beta1 #852
    • Class Not Found Exception #863
    • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/collection/GenTraversableOnce$class #862