Experience Elasticsearch from the Microsoft Azure portal


We are excited to share the latest development in our ongoing partnership with Microsoft. You can now find, deploy, and manage Elasticsearch from within the Azure portal. Bring powerful enterprise search, observability, and security capabilities to your Azure environment with a user interface and tools that are already familiar to you. 

Deploy Elasticsearch and send data in minutes

Azure portal integration makes it faster and easier for you to experience the value of Elastic in your Azure environment, allowing you to: 

  • Purchase an Elastic Cloud plan and consolidate billing through the Azure marketplace. 
  • Provision your Elasticsearch deployment in a supported Azure region.  
  • Ingest Azure platform, resource, and virtual machine logs with just a few clicks. 
  • View and manage your Elasticsearch deployment within the Azure portal. 
  • Use your Azure account to single sign-on into Elastic Cloud and your Kibana instances. 

Create an Elastic Resource Image

Search and visualization for Azure

Add powerful capabilities to the applications and services you run and use in your Azure environment:

  • Add rich search and visualization capabilities to your Azure applications and websites.
  • Bring information to the fingertips of knowledge workers, allowing them to search across siloed data in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more. 
  • Gain visibility into the health and performance of your Azure environment when you collect and visualize logs, metrics, and APM traces.
  • Protect your Azure environment with threat hunting, event and information monitoring, and security response capabilities.

Maximize your deployment’s value with cloud-optimized features

Take advantage of cloud-optimized features that help you get the most value out of your Elasticsearch deployment on Azure. 

  • Protect data in motion: Leverage Azure Private Link support to route sensitive data from your Azure Virtual Network (VNet) to your Elasticsearch deployment. 
  • Optimize performance: Autoscaling monitors your Elasticsearch deployment and then automatically adjusts resource capacity to maintain node performance.
  • Never lose data: Store snapshots in Microsoft Blob Storage, then search snapshots cost-effectively, allowing you to retain more data at a lower price point compared to traditional storage options.
  • Search more data with less latency: Cross cluster search and replication lets you search clusters across regions and even cloud service providers, as well as place copies of data closer to the users that need it.

Understand your bill without a finance degree

All of your Elastic usage will appear as a line item on your consolidated Microsoft invoice and will accrue towards your Azure spending commitment. You can explore your Elastic usage fees by region and deployment from the cost analysis page

Get started today

Bring the power of Elasticsearch to your Azure environment. Visit the Azure Marketplace and subscribe to the Elastic Cloud. Check out the technical blog for a walk-through on getting started. You can also learn more by reading the Microsoft blog