記事執筆者 James Spiteri

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Elastic

Solutions Architects, Security Specialist (EMEA)

過去6年にわたって、使用するテクノロジーが異なる多数の業界のセキュリティオペレーションセンター向けのカスタムSIEMプラットフォームの構築に従事。異なるベンダーのソリューションで試行錯誤を繰り返した結果、その究極の多用途性、速度、スケーラビリティ、機械学習との統合から(これらは一例にすぎません)、最終的にElastic Stackに行き着く。多数のネットワークデバイスベンダーからのログの投入、操作、相互比較、エンリッチ化から、カスタムSlackボットの作成によるSOCアナリストへのアラート送信にいたるまでを、Elastic Stackのおかげで達成。


Elastic Security stops memory and kernel attacks in Round 5 of MITRE Engenuity Evaluations

Elastic Security successfully defended against memory and kernel level attacks in the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK 2023 Turla Enterprise Evaluations. Our deep visibility and machine learning capabilities were key to detecting and preventing the attacks.


Elastic Security 8.9: Streamline the analyst experience with GAI and advanced analytics

See the new features available now in Elastic Security 8.9, including advanced analytics, streamlined workflows, new dashboards, AI assistants, and so much more!


Demystifying SIEM migration: Pitfalls to avoid and tips for ensuring success

Migrating to a new SIEM can feel like a daunting task. This blog identifies steps you can take to reduce the pain typically associated with a migration, tools that can help along the way, and questions you should ask during each phase of a migration.


Elastic and Tines partner to detect security threats and reduce mean time to respond

Elastic and Tines are partnering to help our joint users detect security threats and reduce mean time to respond.


Elastic protects against ransomware and Linux threats in MITRE Engenuity Round 4 Eval

Elastic protects against ransomware and Linux threats in MITRE Engenuity Round 4 Eval — the solution thrived due to its new advanced ransomware protection, memory threat protection, and malicious behavior detection.


Operation Bleeding Bear

Elastic Security verifies new destructive malware targeting Ukraine: Operation Bleeding Bear


Investigate Log4Shell exploits with Elastic Security and Observability

As news of Log4shell emerged, security teams all around the globe scrambled to detect, mitigate and contain the vulnerability. This blog highlights how teams can use the Elastic Search platform to detect Log4shell exploit attempts.


Elastic StackをSaaSベースの万能なセキュリティオペレーションとして使用

RS2社は、Elastic Cloudが優れたセキュリティ分析ソリューションであることを証明することで、PoCから迅速にElastic Cloudを本稼働させました。そのストーリーをお読みください。