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How two Elastic Community Contributor award winners became amazing Elasticians

We created the Elastic Contributor Program to recognize and reward folks for sharing code, organizing and presenting at community events, and for writing about Elastic. Two Elastic Contributor winners are now Elasticians. This is their journey.


Someone Like Me | Yannick Fhima on overcoming differences and finding fulfillment in tech

In this edition of our Someone Like Me series, we meet Yannick Fhima, Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture, EMEA South who although was born with a disability didn’t stop him from excelling in sports, finding a fulfilling career in tech.


Elastic announces 2021 Elastic Excellence Awards winners

We’re proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Elastic Excellence Awards, which recognize the Elastic Certified Professional of the Year and organizations whose Elastic use cases help improve the world, transform business, and solve data problems


ElasticON Global: From exascale computing to probabilistically calibrated predictions

Learn how to secure Microsoft 365, how IBM built a phenomenal search experience, and how SAP created a “single pane of glass” with Elastic. And catch more on-demand videos of top engineers from security firms and big brand companies.



シンプルなアイデアから複雑なユースケースまで、皆さんのElastic Stackの活用事例に関する生の声を、「#ElasticStories」を使ってコミュニティに共有してください。