Behavioral Analytics API overviewedit

This page outlines all the APIs available for behavioral analytics and links to their documentation.

Behavioral Analytics REST APIsedit

Behavioral Analytics relies on a number of Elasticsearch APIs to manage analytics collections. Refer to the API documentation for the details.

Behavioral Analytics Clientsedit

Behavioral Analytics integrates onto your website using one of our JavaScript clients:

  • Browser tracker - integrated into your website using a <script> tag.

  • Javascript Tracker - integrated into your website using a JavaScript module.

Search UI integrationedit

To simplify the integration of Behavioral Analytics into your website, we provide a Search UI integration. This integration automatically sends Behavioral Analytics events to your collection as your customer interacts with your search experience.

Refer to the Search UI analytics plugin documentation.

Searchkit integrationedit

Behavioral Analytics also integrates with Searchkit, an open source library for building UIs on top of Elasticsearch.