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Kubernetes and Elastic: From operation to observability

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Anurag Gupta
Anurag Gupta

Cloud Product Manager


Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager



In this webinar, you’ll learn about new capabilities for Kubernetes and Elastic — specifically in streamlining operations and the Elastic observability experience. We’ll cover the Kubernetes Operator pattern and how Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) can simplify deployment and management. Lastly, we’ll walk through how observability with Elastic Stack gives you greater visibility into your application stack to diagnose, debug, and resolve issues in your applications.


  • Elastic’s position in the CNCF landscape
  • Running the Elastic Stack on Kubernetes
  • Demo: How to deploy, secure, and upgrade Elasticsearch with ECK
  • A primer on using autodiscover in Beats to monitor your dynamic workloads
  • Walkthrough of the observability experience on top of Kubernetes

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