US Civilian Agencies

Spark data breakthroughs for reimagined digital government

US civilian agencies use Elastic to search massive amounts of data and apply the insights gained for enhanced mission delivery and citizen services. Find out why.

Elastic is a search company known for judicial document discovery, high-performance computing analytics, and homeland security threat hunting. Applying approachable machine learning and detection technologies, Elastic makes your data more powerful than ever before.

  • Design for flexibility

    Architect better outcomes with real-time telemetry

    • Cloud migration
    • Network, XaaS, IoT & high-performance computing monitoring
    • Complete dev to production visibility
  • Hyperconnect public services

    Fuel faster reactions with cross-agency data sharing

    • Cyber protection & fraud detection
    • Border, cargo & fugitive monitoring
    • Economic analysis
    • Health & scientific research
  • Operationalize analytics at machine speed

    Run machine learning jobs with limitless data visibility

    • Anomaly detection & predictive analytics
    • Long-term data science
  • Empower security teams

    Protect networks and data with precision detection and response

    • CDM Dashboard II
    • Threat hunting & incident response
    • Cloud security
    • SOC as a service
    • Cyber compliance, community & training

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Choose where and how to run your deployment: on premises, on GovCloud, in a hybrid environment, or wherever your mission takes you.

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    Subscribe, download, and install wherever you need. Provision, manage, and monitor your deployment from a single console with our orchestration products.

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