Product release

Reporting 2.4.0 released

Reporting is a new product in our commercial lineup that allows you to easily generate PDFs of your Kibana searches, visualizations, and dashboards. It's great for getting a snapshot of your data and sharing it with anyone.

If you attended or watched recordings from Elastic{ON} 2016, or if you've been following our latest alpha releases, you know that we're shipping Reporting in 5.0. But we just couldn't wait to get it in your hands, so we decided to make it available even sooner, as a plugin for Kibana 4.6. Reporting has been a long time coming, and we're excited to make it available today, ahead of schedule.

Using Reporting

The Reporting plugin adds a new interface right inside Kibana that allows you to create a report based on what you have open.

Reporting in Kibana

You can also use it with Watcher to trigger reports in response to an event, or simply have reports emailed on a set schedule - it's up to you. In fact, reports can be automated using any tool that can make an HTTP request.

Reporting also includes a page under Settings in Kibana that allows you to download (or re-download) generated reports.

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Scaling Reporting

Reporting works in the background, in an asynchronous manner, using Elasticsearch as the source of truth. Kibana instances pointing at the same Elasticsearch cluster all work on the jobs together, allowing you to distribute your reporting jobs across multiple machines. If reporting jobs aren't being worked through fast enough, spin up another Kibana instance and double your reporting power. You can even start up extra instances based on demand, and shut them back down when you don't need them.

One Last Thing

The download page is a great place to go to begin using this feature and sharing reports. We're also excited to announce that Reporting is immediately available to all users of Elastic Cloud. All it takes is an upgrade to 2.4.0 and you're ready to generate reports.

Want to learn more? Sign up for the webinar to see the new feature in action.