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Fusing and analyzing geospatial data with the Elastic Stack

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Mike Barretta
Mike Barretta

Manager, Federal Solution Architecture



Geospatial analysis used to require expensive tools and specialized skills. But with the explosion of geospatial data from sources like mobile apps, commercial satellites, and IoT sensors, all analysts must become geospatial analysts. The Elastic Stack provides scalable analytic capabilities for geo data that anyone can use, with native support for the fusion of text and numeric data with geospatial points and shapes. In this webinar, you’ll see how real-time flight geo data from a web-based API can be collected, enriched, and analyzed, all within a single interface in Elastic.


  • Using layer styling in Elastic Maps to simultaneously display multiple data dimensions
  • Quickly building data visualizations with drag and drop fields in Kibana Lens
  • Combining maps and visualizations into a single dashboard for a complete view

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