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Elasticsearch security: Best practices to keep your data safe

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Fabio Busatto
Fabio Busatto

Principal Product Manager I



You finally have your Elasticsearch cluster up and running, and data is ready to be ingested. Good job! But are you sure only authorized users are allowed to access the sensitive content you will be storing? In the era of cloud, remote services, and IoT, data security is an important topic that needs to be factored in from the start.

Elasticsearch provides several security features to protect information and manage access to resources — and many of them, including role-based access control, are available for free in the default distribution.


  • Introduction to Elasticsearch security features
  • Encrypted communications
  • Built-in authentication realms
  • Role-based access control

Additional Resources:

Most of the features covered in this webinar are available out of the box on Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud — spin up a free trial to give it a try.

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