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Unleash the full power of your log data

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Luca Wintergerst
Luca Wintergerst

Product Marketing Director


Ugo Sangiorgi
Ugo Sangiorgi

Principal Competitive Intelligence Manager



Logging costs are growing exponentially. Given the staggering volume of log data generated by modern cloud-native and hybrid environments, coupled with painfully slow access to historical data and fragmented data silos, observability teams are finding their existing solutions increasingly unfit for the task of finding and fixing issues.

Bringing together all your data (not just logs) can allow your teams to resolve issues faster, make better decisions, and ensure resiliency. This starts with having a platform approach to observability. With Elastic, you get the freedom, flexibility, and accelerated productivity of state-of-the-art technology that is designed to scale and adapt with you.

View on demand to learn how you can stop wasting time and money when critical data is on the line.

Unlock the full power of your log data with:

  • Faster, more affordable log management and analytics
  • Full stack observability that’s (actually) unified across logs, metrics, and traces in a single solution
  • Democratized machine learning and data analytics with drag-and-drop visualizations
  • Technology that is architected for speed, scale, and openness
  • True multi-cloud and hybrid cloud search across data silos

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