Financial Services

Fortune 100 financial services company chooses Elastic Endpoint Security for enterprise protection


  • 300K+
  • 33%
    savings on licensing and deployment costs

Automate threat prevention & EDR

This customer chose Elastic Endpoint Security for its speed, scope, and simplicity in stopping targeted attacks across the MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix.

Reduce costs and tool overload with a single product

Elastic Endpoint Security replaced 7 NGAV, EDR, and IR tools with a single, autonomous agent for data collection, investigation and triage.

Empower analysts, without more training

With a streamlined UI, intuitive attack visualization, and natural language understanding engine, Elastic Endpoint Security vastly improved the efficiency of Tier 1 - 3 analysts.

Company Overview

A top 10 global financial services company chose Elastic Endpoint Security as its endpoint protection platform in a competitive selection process to protect its assets from targeted attacks. Exceeding $30 billion in annual revenue, this Fortune 100 client has a massive exposure surface across its 300,000+ endpoints, 215,000 servers, and sprawling network infrastructure. Its existing endpoint security stack previously included 7+ tools, causing analyst fatigue and performance challenges. Executive leadership needed to succinctly understand the organization’s risk exposure and protect high-value assets from targeted attacks. 

To achieve this, the company’s security teams needed an endpoint solution that could provide continuous visibility and automated threat prevention, detection, and response. The full-stack protection of Elastic Endpoint Security, coupled with its simplicity of deployment and management, was the ideal solution to address both cyber threats and regulatory requirements.

The challenge: Having multiple security tools doesn’t mean better protection

This global financial services client is under the heavy burden of ever-changing industry regulation. Offering credit cards and both consumer and commercial banking, the organization is constantly adjusting and improving their security profile to stay in compliance with national and global privacy laws.. The client was constantly hit by targeted attack campaigns intended to penetrate the network and steal customer data. Stopping these attacks was challenging, and sometimes their protection efforts were too late due to niche technology and manual processes. A large part of the problem was the client’s bloated endpoint security stack — with 7+ endpoint tools running simultaneously, causing constant alerts and false negatives.

The SOC and IR teams were tasked with monitoring for suspicious activity, identifying threats, determining legitimacy, and projecting potential impact. These decisions were often based on incomplete data and manual collection of Sysmon data, which was too slow and resulted in attacks that were identified too late or missed altogether. The security team was looking for an endpoint tool that could address their existing problems of:

  • Manual and slow methods in identifying and resolving targeted attacks
  • Lack of visibility to provide management with health check of the enterprise
  • Reduction of the large footprint of 7+ agents in their endpoint security stack

Choosing Elastic Endpoint Security over other NGAV and EDR Offerings

In its competitive product analysis, the client performed an exhaustive evaluation of Elastic Endpoint Security and six other NGAV and EDR partners to solve these problems. After a thorough vetting process, they chose Elastic Endpoint Security because of its speed, scope, and simplicity to stop targeted attacks across the MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix.

The client was impressed with Elastic Endpoint Security’s ability to stop advanced attacker techniques like fileless attack protection, malicious persistence, and powershell misuse — in minutes — at scale across the enterprise. The product’s automated EDR empowered analysts with data collection, investigation, and triage tools to detect suspicious activity. Elastic Endpoint Security allowed junior and senior analysts alike to be more effective at their respective roles in stopping advanced threats — with strategic functionality tasks designated for expert staff and straightforward and streamlined workflows for new analysts. Through a single agent, Elastic Endpoint Security provided cross-departmental value to  teams and business units — including SOC, IR, and Threat Hunting teams — by allowing these disparate functions to leverage one platform.

Securing valuable information and bolstering customer confidence

Elastic Endpoint Security provides full-stack endpoint protection to reduce the occurrence and impact of targeted campaigns. It allows the client to gain assurance of the security of its most valuable information while bolstering customer confidence. Elastic Endpoint Security, as a single, autonomous agent, replaced NGAV, EDR, and other incident response tools, significantly lowering the company’s operational costs. This resulted in substantial savings of 33% on licensing costs, deployment costs, and analyst hours by reducing the amount of staff time required to operate and maintain multiple solutions.

With guided workflows and an intuitive interface, the Fortune 100 client did not require any expensive third-party expertise to implement, scope, or tune Elastic Endpoint Security deployment. Today, the organization is fully embracing the product to thwart continuous attacks, preserve data security, maintain regulatory compliance, and win the trust of its customers.

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