Expanding Elasticsearch: Learn How to Leverage Heterogeneous Compute to Extend and Accelerate Elasticsearch

Search-based analytics are a critical function for any organization, so it’s no surprise that Elasticsearch is the go-to engine to power these queries. However, the limitations of today’s traditional x86-based data analytics infrastructures often hinder or delay companies from getting the immediate insights they need to run a smart, data-driven business.

To solve this, Al and Pat will show you how Ryft leverages FPGA/x86 heterogeneous compute technology to eliminate indexing and transformation, in addition to providing enhanced Elasticsearch functionality that accelerates workflows, increases the speed of search and analysis, and enhances wildcard searches.

Al Leyva

Al Leyva serves as the Director of Product Management for Analytics Integration and leads the effort on integration with Elasticsearch at Ryft. Al has focused his career on providing custom integration, software development, and implementation solutions for customers, including at his previous position at Spirent. He earned his bachelor degree in engineering from Steven’s Institute of Technology.

Pat McGarry

Pat McGarry brings extensive technology and leadership experience in hardware and software engineering to his role as Vice President of Engineering at Ryft. He joins Ryft from Ixia Communications, where he was responsible for the company’s federal security systems engineering programs. During his tenure at Ixia and BreakingPoint Systems, Pat spent several years working in the cyber security industry within the DoD and the intelligence communities conducting experimentation and analysis of cyber-related performance and security concerns on arbitrary network infrastructures. He earned bachelor’s degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from Virginia Tech.