Elastic and insurance: A unified view of your data and ecosystems

The insurance industry is evolving as legacy carriers and insurtechs alike reimagine the needs of customers and the new risks of the digital age. Insurers have dramatically increased their use of information technology, which has put greater stress on IT, ops, and security teams. As a result carriers have vast amounts of data at fingertips, providing unlimited potential. However much of the data is unstructured, trapped in disparate areas, or unavailable for immediate consumption, thus, limiting the ability for providers to accelerate transformation and deliver new solutions at speed and scale.

Elastic enables insurers to see the maximum potential in their data. A search powered platform, guided by analytics and machine learning, delivers insights across limitless quantities of disparate data in real time. Hyper personalize insurance policies, proactively improve the performance of systems, and bolster the ability to combat cyber crime and insurance fraud.


  • Create tailored policyholders' experiences with search
  • Navigate technical growth and evolution with faster insights
  • Improve security posture and mitigate risks at scale
  • Realize more possibilities by unlocking data with Elastic

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