Accelerate fraud detection and prevention with Elastic

Data is your most critical asset against the next generation of fraudsters. However, for many fraud teams, the availability and ingestion speed of critical data is limited. This can mean multiple blind spots, the inability to scale operations, and a slower time to detect incidents. Additionally, customer habits are constantly changing, making it more challenging to recognize anomalies and react quickly.

Elastic complements your existing fraud strategy by rapidly ingesting, analyzing, and making data consumable, all at scale. Protect customers, partners, and your entire organization by capturing more data across formats, including time, space, geography, or other attributes — reducing blind spots and enabling you to scale your operations as you take on more customers and solutions.


  • The role of data, speed, and relevance in fraud detection
  • How to enrich data to lower total risk
  • The importance of a composable architecture which allows lines of business to flex and pivot to tackle adjacent use cases like cybersecurity, AML, KYC, etc.
  • How financial service and retail customers are seeing quantified benefits by leveraging Elastic as a core part of their anti-fraud tech stack

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