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Situational Awareness with Elastic Geo Features and Kibana Canvas

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Nathan Stacey
Nathan Stacey

Solutions Architect Senior Manager, DoD



Knowing there’s an issue in your app is only half the battle. Being able to prove to executives that your issue deserves the resources to be addressed is the other half. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Elastic geo capabilities and Kibana Canvas to get real-time situational awareness, identify issues, then create and share visualizations to effectively communicate up the chain and ensure alignment on priorities.

Learn best practices for both the technical aspect of tracking and identifying issues as well as the political aspect of communicating your findings and highlighting their importance. Geo capabilities in Elastic and visualization tools in Kibana Canvas can provide the technical analysis and visualization power you need to keep your mission moving forward.


  • Learn how to start a full root cause analysis in the datacenter
  • Get common metrics and methods used to sync dev and exec teams
  • See how these techniques are used on the 1553 communications bus for security
  • See some great visual examples of Kibana Canvas and geo

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