Open Source Trends and Insights - A Conversation with the Experts

Join Elastic and 451 Research for a discussion on trends and developments in the open source landscape. Gaurav Gupta (Vice-President of Product Management, Elastic), Steve Mayzak (Senior Director of Worldwide Solutions Architecture at Elastic), and Jay Lyman (Research Manager at 451 Research) will cover growing top-down adoption of Open Source technologies, why companies buy subscriptions, trends in Shadow IT, and commercial drivers in Open Source.

Jay Lyman

Jay covers infrastructure software, primarily private cloud platforms, cloud management and enterprise use cases that center on orchestration, the confluence of software development and IT operations known as DevOps, Docker and containers. Prior to joining 451 Research, Jay worked as a journalist for various media firms and publications including CMP Media, LinuxInsider, NewsForge, Time Magazine and the Associated Press.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta is Vice President of Product Management at Elastic. Prior to joining Elastic Gaurav worked at Splunk as VP of Products, where he was responsible for the product's core search and indexing technology, as well as the company's Cloud and online offerings, including Splunk Storm and Splunkbase. Gaurav is interested in all things Cloud, Big Data, and Analytics.