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Elastic App Search: Getting started with the self-managed version

Hosted by:

Diane Tetrault

Diane Tetrault

Director Product Marketing


Nick Chow

Nick Chow

Prinicipal Product Manager



Elastic App Search is the fastest, simplest way for you to build world-class search experiences in any application — be it an online store, a geolocal directory, a vast music collection, or a SaaS application. 

And now Elastic App Search is available as a self-managed download, so you can run it anywhere. Best of all, it’s free to use alongside the default distribution of the Elastic Stack.

Watch an interactive video with our Elastic App Search product owners to learn more about this new deployment option and how you can use it to get even more value from your Elastic Stack investment. 


  • A quick refresher on Elastic App Search
  • A little insight into where we’ve come from with App Search and where we’re going 
  • A rapid tour of just how easy it is to download and get started with App Search
  • Some examples of the cool things you can build with App Search
  • A chance to ask questions of the App Search product team

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