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Power the future with ESRE

Meet the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ — ESRE, for short. It gives you razor-sharp relevance out of the box, plus a full suite of tools for building AI and generative AI into their applications.

Bring your own transformer models, integrate with third-party API-based transformer models like OpenAI, and more.

Thank you for a great 2023, see you next year!

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Breakout session

Why vector search isn't enough

Michael Heldebrant, Distinguished Architect at Elastic
Brittany Roush, Senior Product Manager at Relativity

Large Language Models trained on public data fall short in commercial applications. Without access to proprietary data and domain knowledge, they deliver less relevant, accurate results. Learn how vector search and generative AI can thrive when combined with traditional search approaches, enriched content, secure data retrieval, and sound model management. See how Elasticsearch and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service can help you create a context aware, more engaging experience.

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Virtual deep dive

State of the art data retrieval with Elasticsearch ML

Nick Chow, Principal Product Manager at Elastic
Brittany Roush, Senior Product Manager at Relativity

Learn how to use Elasticsearch for data retrieval with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. You'll see how context from proprietary data sets can make a material difference to search relevance. Plus, discover Elastic machine learning capabilities, including ML inference pipelines, vector embeddings, and our own pre-trained model.

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Scale observability and secure data in motion with Elastic and Confluent

David Hope, Director of Product Marketing
Anand Venugopal, Director ISV Alliances: Data and Analytics at Confluent

Without robust security and comprehensive observability, organizations are left exposed to reputation-crippling threats and downtime that can destroy revenue. Learn how integrating Elastic and Confluent platforms can help you actively address these challenges with powerful capabilities to collect, analyze, and visualize data in motion in real time. Discover practical strategies and real-world examples to proactively identify threats, optimize performance, and enhance system resilience.

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