Product release

Beats 7.5.0 released

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the Beats 7.5.0 release. This is the latest stable release and is now available for download! Please refer to the release notes for the complete list of bug fixes and features.

Beats are central to any organization’s observability story, and in recent versions, we’ve been focusing on building turnkey data integrations for the most important infrastructure and service metrics, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). In 7.5, we build on that momentum by introducing turnkey monitoring of Microsoft Azure metrics and logs as part of our partnership with Microsoft, and even more improvements for monitoring Kubernetes.

Azure cloud monitoring

Earlier in the year, we introduced support for Microsoft Azure as part of the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud. In 7.5, our Azure monitoring story gets even stronger with the addition of turnkey metrics and logs ingestion directly from Azure services. With the addition of Metricbeat and Filebeat modules for Azure monitoring, Azure users can now directly monitor logs and metrics from Azure Event Hub and Azure Monitor and use prebuilt Kibana dashboards to speed up the analysis.

Monitoring status of Kubernetes services

Kubernetes monitoring is particularly challenging due to the dynamic nature of infrastructure and services running on it. To ensure all these services are available and responding requires really flexible configuration options. In 7.5, we’re enhancing Heartbeat, as part of our Uptime solution, to include hint-based auto-discovery, which is a particularly great fit for monitoring the health of Kubernetes services.

There’s more!

Interested in our broader observability story? Learn about all the updates across Logs, Metrics, APM, and Uptime in our Elastic Observability post.

Ready to get started? Please download Beats 7.5.0, try it out, and let us know what you think on Twitter (@elastic) or in our forums. You can report any bugs or feature requests on the Beats Github issues page.