Custom Kibana Visualizations with Vega

Custom visualizations in Kibana just got easier. The new Vega component enables users to create a variety of data visualizations available from the Vega library. Vega is a declarative format to create powerful and interactive data visualizations. Historically you needed to create a separate Kibana plugin for custom visualizations, now a world of visualizations are at your fingertips if you're comfortable with JSON. 

Yuri Astrakhan, Software Engineer, and Alex Francoeur, Senior Product Manager, demonstrate creating and customizing Kibana visualizations with Vega.

Highlights include:

  • Querying directly from Elasticsearch
  • Combine and augment data from multiple sources
  • Differences between Vega and VegaLite
  • Creating maps with Vega

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Yuri Astrakhan

Yuri has been an active contributor to open source for many years. He is one of the largest code contributors to Wikipedia, mostly in the API, cartography, and data visualization. At Elastic, Yuri has worked on bringing graph customization to Kibana, map and data projects. Beyond open source, Yuri has also worked as a CTO at a hedge fund, and provided solution architecture consultations for several large banks.