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Upgrading Your Elastic Stack to 7.x

Presentado por

George Kobar

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Josh Dover

Software Engineer


Aspectos destacados

Version 7.x introduces many new features and improvements across all components of the Elastic Stack. From a fresh modern look in Kibana to improved clustering and search performance, 7.0 paves the way for the future of the Elastic Stack.

Upgrading a large system without causing downtime can be daunting. But fear not, with the 7.0 Upgrade Assistant in Kibana and a little attention to detail, you can upgrade your entire Elastic Stack pain free. In this webinar, Josh Dover and George Kobar walk you through the considerations, best practices, and caveats for upgrading to 7.x.


  • Full Elastic Stack upgrade order 
  • Upgrading to 7.x 
    • 7.0 Upgrade Assistant 
    • Breaking Changes in 7.0 
    • Reindexing 5.x indices 
    • Elastic Common Schema (ECS) 
    • Backing up your data 
  • Upgrading on Elastic Cloud Best practices and caveats

Additional upgrading resources:

  • Webinar Slides
  • Documentation: Upgrading the Elastic Stack
  • Documentation: Kibana Upgrade Assistant
  • Video: Expert tips when upgrading
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