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Leveraging Elasticsearch as a time series database - lessons from a DevOps engineer

Presentado por

Christian Saide

Tanya Bragin

VP Product Management, Observability


Aspectos destacados

    The DevOps team at NS1 realized that they were spending more time managing their telemetry system, rather than the services being monitored. A reevaluation of the alternatives led them to replace their time series database with Elasticsearch. The criteria to replace NS1’s time series database included: 

    • A single system for metrics and unstructured telemetry
    • Granular control over what data is stored and retained
    • Easy scalability
    • Large diverse community
    • Sufficient analysis capabilities

    Hear about their evaluation process and the lessons learned, and learn how NS1 simplified operations and reduced operational costs by combining logs and metrics in the Elastic Stack.

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