An Introduction to the ELK Stack for Logs and Metrics

Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (formerly known as the ELK Stack, now renamed to the Elastic Stack with the addition of Beats) deliver actionable insights in real time for almost any type of structured and unstructured data source, at any scale. From centralizing infrastructure logs, traces, and metrics to deliver a great end user experience to keeping a pulse on your fleet of smart devices using real-time telemetry - the possibilities are endless with the Elastic Stack.

Thousands of organizations worldwide are using the Elastic Stack for various mission-critical use cases, and we'd like to show you how you can get started with it for yours.

Whether you call it the ELK Stack or the Elastic Stack, this introductory webinar will offer a live demo of the key features of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. 

Highlights include:

  • Ingesting data into Elasticsearch, including a look at how modules simplify that experience
  • Exploring and searching your data via Kibana, including building custom visualizations
  • Keeping track of changes via machine learning-based anomaly detection and alerting
  • Demonstrating the value of bringing logs and metrics into a single platform

Elastic demo playground, for a live hands-on experience!

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Dan Roscigno

Dan Roscigno is a member of the Elastic Product Marketing team focusing on ingestion, logging, and operations use cases. Dan has been in and around Ops for twenty years as a developer, solution architect, evangelist, and educator.