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Emerging trends in observability for today’s challenging economic conditions

Hosted by

Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh

VP of Product Marketing, Observability


Jake Burns
Jake Burns

Enterprise Strategist


Carlos Casanova
Carlos Casanova

Principal Analyst



As the global economy slows down, organizations continue to migrate to the cloud to deliver more reliable services and applications. Running them efficiently and cost-effectively has never been more important. And the need for observability and to do more with less is a high priority for technology leaders.

Sit down with industry experts and guest speakers from Forrester Research, Amazon Web Services, and Elastic as they review emerging trends and answer questions around cloud adoption, cloud migration, and observability. We will delve into cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and serverless, discuss the need for increasing visibility, while improving cost and operational efficiency with observability.

From AIOps to automation, OpenTelemetry, and centers of excellence (COEs), we’ll show you how your peers are tackling upcoming challenges in the months ahead to capture new business opportunities.

Some key discussions including data points that will be shared in the webinar:

  • Cloud-native adoption trends
  • Cloud initiatives organizations are considering to maximize performance
  • The effectiveness and impact of Centers of Excellence (COEs)
  • Use of machine learning and analytics for faster root cause

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