Who is Elastic Security Labs?

We're a team of security engineers, practitioners and researchers who eat and breathe security. It's our passion. We research security topics, malware, ransomware, tactics, activity groups, adversaries and all things security. Here you can find our latest research.

We research a variety of security topics!

Our team of 40+ researchers has been at this for decades. We believe sharing the research with others elevates the knowledge in the security industry and our ability to better protect.

  • Research we do

    We research several security topical areas, including security research, malware analysis, campaign, and groups and tactics (attack pattern, activity group and adversaries).

  • Reports we deliver

    Periodically, we deliver reports on adversary groups, emerging threats, or new attack patterns.

  • Tools we provide

    We write scripts, configuration extractors and scanners for you to use to combat adversaries.

Elasticians make Elastic, Elastic.

We've designed our culture and benefits to meet (and exceed) our global workforce's needs. With people all over the globe, we care more about what you can do than where you rest your head.