Global telecom provider realized 283% ROI with Elastic Cloud

Leaders in telecommunications are exploring the flexibility of cloud technology to drive operational efficiencies, improve business processes, and uplift the customer experience. But, how do you select the right tools that can deliver immediate value to your stakeholders and customers, without breaking the budget?

This case study by Nucleus Research shows how a leading South American telecommunications provider realized a 283% ROI with a payback period of 1.7 years after deploying Elastic Cloud to improve data management and observability. By adopting Elastic Cloud, the telecommunications company reduced meantime to restore (MTTR) by 80%.


  • Eliminated costs. Elastic Cloud was fully adopted following their initial experience with Elastic’s free and open offering. The organization was able to remove their Splunk platform and save $125,000 in annual license and associated upgrade and maintenance costs.
  • Increased revenue. Reduced MTTR and improved application availability saved the company over $100,000 dollars annually in reduced lost revenue.
  • Improved productivity. Enabled the organization’s incident management teams to save 12 hours each month and focus on higher value-add business priorities.

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