ELK + Cisco UCS turn massive data into massive insights

We announced a partnership today - a close relationship with Cisco - that we’re all really excited about at Elasticsearch.

This is an important partnership to us because Cisco is a leader in data center infrastructure, and we are joining forces to bring businesses that leverage Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) Platform the ability to gain real-time search and analytics, and in turn, insights, out of their data with the Elasticsearch ELK stack.

Elasticsearch is in the business of providing real-time insight into data - whether structured or unstructured, human- or machine-generated; we bring a search-based architecture to data analytics. By combining the ELK stack with Cisco UCS, organizations benefit by having a turnkey underlying infrastructure solution that provides them with real-time search and analytics for a variety of applications, from log analysis, to structured, semi-structured, or unstructured searches, as well as as a web-backend for custom applications that use search-based analytics as a core functionality.

Together, Elasticsearch and Cisco provide access to a flexible and powerful infrastructure for scalable ELK deployments that increase business and IT agility, reduce total cost of ownership, and deliver exceptional ROI. We’ve already been doing some major deployments with Cisco in the area of financial service, telecom, and retail industries. And, the Cisco Open Security Operations Center (OpenSOC) project uses Elasticsearch and UCS for data-driven security discoveries, providing a unified platform for ingesting, storing and analyzing security logs.

Today, we are releasing our joint reference architecture to deploy optimized Elasticsearch and UCS deployments. The reference architecture allows one to identify the right UCS configuration based on use case (like log analytics), retention policies (how long you want to keep the data), etc.

Stay tuned for further developments between Elasticsearch and Cisco, but in the meantime:

  • Interested in learning more best practices around deploying the ELK stack with Cisco UCS? Download our solutions brief here.
  • Want to learn firsthand how one business is benefiting from the combination of Elasticsearch and Cisco UCS? Sign up to hear from Mozilla during our upcoming webinar here.