Go-to-market timeline crunched? Delaying an upgrade or migration because you’re not sure where to start? Looking to expand to a new use case or improve your data model? Elastic consultants are well positioned to understand the whole picture — your technical goals, vision, and business objectives — so you can confidently take the next step.

Individualized Attention to Catalyze Your Success

No matter where you are in your Elastic journey, we accelerate your progress — with business problems, technical challenges, or anything in between. Elastic consultants work by your side (on site or virtually) to understand the questions you need to ask of your data and the strategies that will bring you answers.

Our team has a breadth of experience and deep technical knowledge to help you realize untapped possibilities, enhance your search results, push past plateaus, and explore new solutions with Elastic Stack and X-Pack. Our standard packages can be fit to your key project phases and combined as needed.

Architecture Design

Architecture & Design
Create a robust solution based on your use case, data volume, growth needs, business requirements, and other X factors.

Capacity Planning

Performance Benchmarking & Capacity Planning
Design a model that scales with your data and workload, while maintaining optimal performance.

Development Consulting

Development Consulting
Need to deliver a solution on a fixed schedule? Go to market faster with help from our team.

Migration Strategy

Migration Strategy
Build out and execute on a plan to smoothly move from an existing or legacy platform to one powered by the Elastic Stack.

Health Checks

Health Checks & Platform Assessment
Evaluate the data model and indices you have today to keep your clusters green and performance on point.


Upgrade Planning
Benefit from new features in the latest versions with an upgrade path that minimizes risk and impact on your systems.


Deployment Assistance
From orchestration to configuration management, we help you set up and activate all the bells and whistles for your test or production environment.

Advisory Services

Ongoing Strategic Planning & Advisory Services
A Technical Account Manager assigned to you keeps a pulse on best practices and improvements that are relevant to your business.

For Quick Wins, the Long Haul, and Everything in Between

We're focused on building a holistic relationship. Our team is integrated with core developers and support engineers across all products — Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, X-Pack, and Elastic Cloud — ensuring cohesive and targeted attention.

You'll always be speaking with a team of people who understand your unique environment and business requirements.

We Work Together and Learn Together

Creating a dependence on consulting services is not on our to-do list. We care about building capability across your team to confidently get hands-on with Elastic projects.

Explore How Elastic Consulting Can Help You.

The next step toward understanding what value we can bring to the table is to send us a note. We look forward to hearing from you.

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