Elastic Logs 7.3.0 released

We are pleased to announce a new release of Elastic Logs, version 7.3.0, available on the Elasticsearch Service, or as part of the default distribution of Elastic Stack. This release brings additional workflow tools, like ad-hoc keyword highlighting, and trace-level integration between Logs and APM UIs!

Ad hoc keyword highlighting

When you look at a massive amount of logs, sometimes it’s hard to pick out specific details. Ever tried to scan logs scrolling past you for the word “error”? Now, you can easily do that, with some help from ad-hoc keyword highlights you define! Happy hunting ;)


Integration between Logs and APM

Many log messages get printed from the same applications that are instrumented by Elastic APM. If you are using a supported logging framework, your log messages will be automatically decorated with the field. This integration allows you to automatically navigate from a specific log event to APM traces, while preserving trace context. 


See it in action!

You access the latest version of the Elastic Logs application on the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud by creating a new cluster, or upgrading an existing cluster the day of release, or you can download it as part of the default distribution of the Elastic Stack.

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