文章作者 Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Elastic

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Jamie is a gadget nut with a broad background in both pre- and post-sales activities across many verticals, including containers, cloud-native initiatives, and a touch of IoT.


A primer to understanding observability

A long word, you may be wondering what it really means and how you can add it to your skill set. Here’s a quick primer to get you going on your path to observability.


如何利用 Elastic 可观测性监测容器化的 Kafka

了解如何利用 Elastic 可观测性监测容器化的 Kafka 集群(例如日志和指标)。


利用 Elasticsearch 和 Elastic APM 监测应用

应用程序性能监测 (APM) 可让您看到应用程序内部正在发生什么,并帮助提高整个应用程序堆栈的可观察性