Our Story Begins with a Recipe

Well, several recipes, really. What started as a side project to create a search box for a recipe app sparked the creation of an entire ecosystem built on open source and powerful search experiences. From the early days of Elasticsearch to building solutions on top of the Elastic Stack, this is our adventure as we know it today.

We’re a Distributed Company

Just like our products, our company finds strength in distribution. Being distributed is about more than 24-hour support and travel. For us, it’s critical to building a great company and great products. While being distributed isn’t for everyone, we can’t imagine our company being any other way.

Open Source, It’s Our Heart

Our company is built around open source. This improves our products through regular critique and testing, and opens them up to new use cases through wonder-if-I-tried-this experimentation. Open source builds a community that keeps everyone honest in how we engineer products that users know and love.

Consider Joining Our Team

We’re looking to hire the best planet Earth has to offer. Join us to launch a new career or grow an existing one — either way, adventure awaits. With people all over the globe, we care more about what you can do than where you rest your head.