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Preparing for the Elastic Certified Observability Engineer Exam

9 a.m PT, 6 p.m CET

Hosted by

Rich Raposa

Sr. Certification Manager



Elastic Certified Observability Engineers have a clear view of what’s happening across their entire ecosystem. By bringing their logs, metrics, and APM traces together at scale in a single stack, they can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in their environment. To recognize individuals who are experts in developing observable systems using the Elastic Stack, Elastic has developed the industry’s first observability certification — the Elastic Certified Observability Engineer.

In this webinar, Rich Raposa, Sr. Manager of Certification at Elastic, walks you through the process of registering for and attempting the new Elastic Certified Observability Engineer exam. Rich demonstrates what a live exam looks like, and even work through several examples to illustrate the types of tasks you can expect on the exam.

Topics covered:

  • Preparing for the Elastic Certified Observability Engineer Exam
  • Overview of the exam
  • Understanding the exam environment
  • Completing a sample exam task
  • Best practices and helpful tips

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