Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Leveling Up Enterprise Logging

GDIT/McQueen Solutions (GDIT) solved a growing need to collect, store, and analyze petabytes of machine data that could not be handled by existing tools at a large US government agency. Selected as the foundation for enterprise logging, the Elastic Stack satisfied enterprise-wide mission needs. Today, the GDIT Elastic cluster entails a multi-petabyte, highly available cluster that dramatically improves search speeds from hours to seconds.

Learn about the project's evaluation factors, which included cloud-native support, performant ingest and search, ease of use, scalability, and cost. Plus, hear about best practices and lessons learned from running at scale.

Jared McQueen

Principal Systems Engineer, McQueen Solutions

Jared is a Systems Engineer and Data Scientist supporting Federal customers within the IC and DOD. His team deploys large-scale Elastic clusters to support mission needs in the fields of Cyber Security, Enterprise Audit, and devOps. His experience in Machine Learning and neural networks plays a pivotal role in identifying anomalous activity and outliers within large datasets. Other interests include quantitative finance (algotrading) and Artificial Intelligence.

Dave Sarmanian

Elastic Solutions Lead, General Dynamics IT

Dave is a Senior Solutions Architect at General Dynamic IT responsible for designing secure IT solutions for private sector customers. He has over 20 years of engineering and leadership experience. He holds a Masters in Cyber Security and has worked in the areas of Program Management, Security Engineering, Cyber Operations, weapon system software assurance testing, and Cyber Governance. He currently leads a team of elastic engineers, developing and deploying enterprise elastic search solutions. Dave is also an avid Scouter and enjoys scouting outdoor adventures with his two boys year-round.