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Modern data visualization with Canvas

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Shaun McGough
Shaun McGough

Principal Product Manager



Whether you’re new to data visualization or a seasoned data scientist looking for a clean, modern tool, this webinar will help get you up and running with effective and elegant visualizations that will empower you to foster deeper data insights with your team.

Canvas is an included tool in Kibana that allows real time data visualization in a branded and sophisticated fashion — enabling you to tell a story with your data. Designed from the ground up to help users build beautiful data visualizations with complex datasets, top organizations around the world use Canvas to help gain insights with visuals that come to life.

Learn how to use Canvas and unlock your organization’s data.


  • What is Canvas?
  • Common use cases
  • Key features, including Elasticsearch SQL integration
  • Live demo: building a Canvas workpad
  • Save time in real time
  • Improve branding with data
  • Visualize in a modern way

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