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Improve business outcomes and observability with synthetic monitoring

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Drew Post
Drew Post

Principal Product Manager, Observability


11-minute video


Understanding if your applications are not just available but also functioning as expected is critical for any organization. Infrastructure monitoring and application observability alone are often not enough to reliably predict the actual end user experience which can be significantly impacted by factors such as third-party dependencies and different end-user device types. By simulating real user interactions, synthetic monitoring can help you proactively identify issues with your business-critical applications and infrastructure before they impact end-users.

Join us to discover how Elastic's all-new synthetic monitoring can help you gain the insights you need to drive better business outcomes. We’ll show you how to get started and also how to integrate synthetic tests into your existing GitOps workflows.


  • Why synthetic monitoring
  • Elastic's fully reimagined synthetic monitoring solution
  • The benefits of a global testing infrastructure
  • Easy scripting with simple point-and-click recording
  • Workflows optimized for developers, CI/CD, and GitOps

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