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Getting started with APM and distributed tracing on Elastic Observability

Hosted by:

Luca Wintergerst
Luca Wintergerst

Product Marketing Director



Learn how to deploy APM and distributed tracing on Elastic Observability! We'll show you why APM deployed on top of your existing logs and metrics are crucial to truly understanding how your application is performing. We'll show you how APM actually works from traces to transactions and spans and include a real-life demonstration.

Finally, we'll help you get APM deployed and working on Elastic Observability with detailed instructions on how to instrument your applications, either manually or automatically.


  • How does APM work? A detailed explanation
  • Deploying APM on Elastic Observability with OpenTelemetry
  • An overview of APM, distributed traces, transactions, and spans
  • Getting started with instrumentation on Elastic with hands-on demonstration

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