The Engine Behind 'Discovery': Elasticsearch Service @ CreatorIQ

Learn how and why the team at CreatorIQ chose the Elastic Stack over SQL Search to help launch their global Discovery platform, the biggest and most successful release to date. After self managing their Elasticsearch 2.x deployment for some time, the team moved to Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud when they upgraded to 6.x for the launch of Discovery in June 2018. They saw immediate improvements in speed, reliability, ease of management, and more. Hear lessons learned on their journey and see how Elastic tools and services gave them the technology and infrastructure they needed to address a huge opportunity in the market.

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Henry Pray

Henry Pray is a product manager at CreatorIQ where he leads machine learning and data integrations. He is also responsible for the recent release of the Discovery application which uses the Elastic Stack to power a platform wide search engine. Henry received his BA at UCLA and currently sits on the Associate Board of Visitors for the Economics Department.In his free time, Henry enjoys backpacking through the Sierras and surfing throughout the California coast.