Seoul 2017: Kibana Deep Dive (Korean)

It's the grand tour of new visualizations and exciting updates in Kibana, including time series visual builder, heatmaps, Timelion, tag clouds, Watcher UI, and cluster alerts. Plus, a look at what's to come in 6.x.

Henry Pak

Henry Pak is a Solutions Architect for Elastic based out of Los Angeles, CA. With a focus on data analytics and integration, Henry has been helping enterprises across a wide range of verticals more easily access and derive meaningful information from their data.

Jongmin Kim

Jongmin Kim joined Elastic at June 2015, works with Developer Community as an Evangelist in South Korea.

김종민 에반젤리스트는 2015년 6월 Elastic 에 입사하여 한국 지역의 개발자 커뮤니티 지원 업무를 담당하고 있다.