Metricbeat: A new way of shipping metrics to Elasticsearch

Beats is a platform of lightweight shippers to collect data from all your servers, and send it to either Logstash or Elasticsearch. Metricbeat, a new Beat introduced in version 5.0, lets you fetch metrics about the operating system and services running on your servers. Metricbeat ships with a set of modules (system, Apache, Redis, Nginx, etc.), and also provides a framework to build your own modules. 

In this video, Metricbeat author Nicolas Ruflin and Beats Product Manager Brandon Mensing will introduce Metricbeat and show you how it can help you monitor your servers and infrastructure using the Elastic Stack. 

This video will cover the following topics:

  • Metricbeat overview
  • Metricbeat config and settings
  • Demo: Getting started with Metricbeat
  • Visualizing server metrics in Kibana


Brandon Mensing

Brandon manages a variety of cross-product initiatives. Prior to Elastic, he worked at Sumo Logic and Basis Technology. His wide range of interests and background include NLP, ML, AI, robotics, bioinformatics and all things data.

Nicolas Ruflin

Nicolas Ruflin is a software engineer on the Observability team. He is passionate about automating everything through software and embraces the constancy of change in the field. When not pondering engineering problems, he enjoys doing all kinds of sports, particularly handball.