Accelerating defense missions with a global data mesh

Outthinking and outfighting adversaries in an information-enabled battlefield calls for superior exploitation of data. But the sheer volume of data, combined with data silos and lack of interoperability, can make it challenging to get a holistic, accurate view across a complex environment.

A global data mesh layer can serve as a force multiplier by allowing data to be queried wherever it resides (edge, cloud, on-prem) and delivering speed, agility, and actionable intelligence for military forces while preventing corruption and exfiltration by adversaries.

Learn more about the role of a global data mesh in this white paper, which explores:

  • Why defense agencies are using a data mesh as a competitive advantage.
  • The benefits a data mesh can bring to mission operations.
  • Elastic’s differentiators as a data mesh layer.

Read the white paper to learn more.

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