Data Hero: Legends of Analytics

Activision knows that social media platform Twitter is a critically important channel for interacting with Activision's players. Learn how Activision uses the Elastic Stack, natural language processing, and event detection algorithms to turn tweet streams into information that supports the operations of its games.

Josh Hemann

Josh Hemann is building and leading the Analytic Services team within Activision’s Game Science org. This team works at the interface of big data engineering, statistical modeling, and game design, with a focus on real-time analytics to improve the experience of millions of concurrent players His past industry experience spans commercial analytic software development, air pollution modeling, retail marketing, and recommendation systems for grocers. Josh has an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado.

Will Kirwin

Will Kirwin is a data scientist on the Analytic Services team at Activision, working at the interface of math and statistics, real-time big data engineering, and video game analytics. Before coming to Activision, he was a fellow at the Data Incubator, a scientist at the Max Planck institute for Mathematics in Germany and a professor of Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame and at the University of Cologne. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Colorado.