Elasticsearch Service is now available on Microsoft Azure in Tokyo

We are pleased to share the news that the Azure Tokyo (japaneast) region for the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is now available! This is our fifth Azure region globally and our second Azure region in Asia.

Existing users can simply log in to start using the Azure Tokyo region on our Elasticsearch Service immediately. New users can sign up for a free 14-day trial to try it out.

Get access to features — exclusively from Elastic — like powerful security, index lifecycle management, and machine learning. Build visualizations intuitively with Kibana Lens and put your creative mark on them with Canvas. With easy-to-use slider bars and deployment templates, you can provision, configure, and scale your deployments for app search, logging, metrics, APM, SIEM, BI/analytics, and more.

“In the era of IT modernization, the cloud is critically important for large organizations and SMBs in Japan as companies modernize their IT environments from on-premises, traditional data centers to deploy applications and services in public clouds,” said Tom Kawasaki, Elastic Japan Country Manager. “Microsoft Azure has a growing presence in Japan and we’re excited to partner with Microsoft. This Microsoft region for Elasticsearch Service will give Japan customers a SaaS-first solution for their search, logging, APM, business analytics, infrastructure monitoring, security, and other use cases.”


Go deeper with Microsoft and the Elasticsearch Service

We partner with Microsoft to bring our Elasticsearch Service to Azure, complementing our existing support for ECE and the Elastic Stack. Elastic will continue to introduce new Azure regions for the Elasticsearch Service to provide the best possible Elastic Stack experience for Azure customers.

“We are pleased to see that Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud has been expanded to the East Japan region of Azure following the announcement in September. Microsoft and Elastic will continue to contribute to customers’ use of the cloud and further business development in the Japanese market as a solution to meet many important needs such as application search, logging, monitoring, security, and so on," said Satoshi Asano, Director, Azure Business Group Lead at Microsoft Japan.

Elastic and Microsoft Azure customers will soon be able to procure subscriptions to the Elasticsearch Service via the Azure Marketplace.

“As an Elastic partner and an Azure partner, we are excited to see Elasticsearch Service expand to the Azure Tokyo region. Easy access to Elastic/Azure in enterprise use cases will be great news for many Japanese companies," said Ryu Shinmen, CEO, Acroquest Technology Co., Ltd.

Get started with the Elasticsearch Service in Azure Tokyo

If you are looking to migrate an existing cluster or deployment, be sure to check out our documentation, with more details in our migration webinar. If you still have questions, we're here to help.