Elastic Stack 5.0 Virtual Event

With 5.0, everything you love about Elastic just got better. 5.0 is about our products working beautifully together, a simplified getting started experience, and a lot of great new features. In this video, the creators of the Elastic Stack tell the story behind 5.0 and introduce all the new and glorious features that make version 5.0 our biggest release yet.

Highlights include:

  • The 5.0 Story with Shay
  • Elasticsearch 5.0: What You Need to Know
  • Kibana 5: It’s More Than Charts and Graphs
  • Timelion: Exploring Time Series Data
  • Ingestion 5.0 Style with Logstash and Beats
  • Extend the Elastic Stack with X-Pack
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Shay Banon

Shay Banon is the creator of Elasticsearch, the open source, distributed, RESTful, search and analytics engine. Before creating Elasticsearch, Shay spent more than a decade building complex distributed systems and open source search solutions.

Clinton Gormley

Clinton was the first user of Elasticsearch and wrote the Perl API back in 2010. He is a co-author of Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide, and spends most of his time designing the user interface, specifying new features, and triaging GitHub issues. He studied medicine at UCT in Cape Town and now lives in Barcelona.

Court Ewing

Court Ewing is Tech Lead of Kibana. When he's not closing GitHub issues and fighting AsciiDocs, he's focussing on making the core Kibana infrastructure easier to develop against and test. In his spare time, he overcommits to organizing and participating in local tech events, which makes him the biggest nerd on this list.

Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is an operations-engineer-turned-software-developer at Elastic. After 10 years in operations, with a brief detour into the Peace Corps, he penned the first version of Kibana. He escapes his laptop to enjoy fine food and ill-conceived automotive maintenance endeavors.

Jordan Sissel

Jordan Sissel is the Logstash Creator and Tech Lead for Elastic. Jordan is the lead developer of Logstash. While living in Silicon Valley, he tinkers with computers and practices hate-driven development (working on computers makes him less grumpy). When he's not hacking, he loves doing awesome things as a dad and husband.

Tudor Golubenco

Tudor Golubenco is the co-creator of Beats. Prior to creating Beats, he was CTO of IPTEGO, a company building monitoring software for the telecom industry. As IPTEGO was acquired, he also served as software architect and senior manager in Acme Packet and then Oracle. He enjoys writing code in Go, C, Python, JavaScript, and others.

Steve Kearns

Steve는 Product Management 팀의 Director로써 Elasticsearch 와 Elastic 의 상용 제품을 책임지고 있습니다. Elastic 이전에는 DataGravity 및 Basis Technology에서 근무하였으며, 텍스트 분석 및 검색 기술을 설계하고 배포하여 글로벌 기업들의 문제를 해결한 경험을 가지고 있습니다.