Beats: Lightweight Shippers for All Kinds of Data

Beats, Elastic's framework for building data shippers, is now GA and we'd like to give you the official tour. With this release, we introduced three officially supported Beats:

  • Packetbeat for shipping network packet metadata
  • Topbeat for shipping resource utilization metrics
  • Filebeat for shipping log files

In this video, members of the Beats team will walk you through Beats ins and outs, including:

  • Overview of the Beats framework
  • Overview of Filebeat, Topbeat, and Packetbeat
  • Community resources for writing your own Beats
  • Beats roadmap

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Tudor Golubenco

Tudor is the co-creator of Beats. Prior to creating Beats, he was CTO of IPTEGO, a company building monitoring software for the telecom industry. As IPTEGO was acquired, he also served as software architect and senior manager in Acme Packet and then Oracle. He enjoys writing code in Go, C, Python, JavaScript, and others.

Nicolas Ruflin

Nicolas is one of the core developers on the Beats project at Elastic. Previously, he was CTO of Centralway, a company building up a leading mobile banking platform. As such, Nicolas and his teams built up the technology behind the mobile app Numbrs. He enjoys automating everything through software and contributing to bringing simplicity to the world.

Tanya Bragin

With over 15 years of experience in information technology, Tanya leads the development of the Logstash and Kibana product roadmaps. She spent five years at ExtraHop Networks where she led a team of product managers. In her spare time she enjoys posing as roadkill on the mean streets of Bay Area.

Steffen Siering

Steffen is a core developer on the Beats open source project at Elastic. Previously, he worked on network monitoring for IPTEGO, a company offering monitoring solutions for VoIP/IMS networks, that was later acquired by Acme Packet. He continued working on real-time network monitoring for Acme Packet and later Oracle as Senior Software Engineer before joining Elastic.