Elastic Cloud Enterprise @ Cisco

Sujith Joseph was one of the earliest adopters of Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE). Hear his experiences running ECE in production as Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure and learn about the design and configurations that help Cisco index over 3 billion documents each day at a rate of ~400K docs per second using Apache Spark. Plus, see how Elasticsearch machine learning helps Cisco discover custom entities within queries on Cisco.com and how ECE has helped Cisco foster innovation and increase agility for search-based solutions and enabled faster realization of business goals.

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Sujith Joseph

IT Architect, Enterprise Search Platform, Cisco Systems

Sujith Joseph is a data nerd and an Enterprise Search Architect at Cisco. In his role, Sujith is responsible for the enterprise search platform at Cisco, focusing on architecting search solutions using Search engines like ElasticSearch and building recommendation engines and generating search signals using Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics powered by Apache Spark & AI Frameworks. The enterprise search platform at Cisco powers Cisco.com search and over 100+ intranet and internet based search applications. He has been designing and developing enterprise search solutions for over 14 years. He is a co-founder of the Enterprise Search & Analytics meetup in the Bay Area.