Lightning Talk: Automated Root Cause Analysis with Elastic Stack

This 20-minute practical session will give you an idea of how you can advance on the road to AIOps by automating root cause analysis with the Elastic Stack. How to save time and effort when dealing with multiple alerts, systems or applications, how to quickly identify false positives and ultimately address more precisely the causes of issues in your IT environment? By analyzing events from the Elastic Stack and applying a supervised Machine Learning algorithm, we can pinpoint root causes with higher accuracy and respond better and faster.

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Peter Ruta

CEO and Founder, Siscale

Sees the big picture. Agile leader with focus on time to value for customers. Takes decisive action setting high performance standards. Learns from the best customers. Motivated by successful partnerships and sharing knowledge. Schooled by a world leading IT vendor. Business mind with an engineering backdrop. Set to prove the value of AIOps in your IT. Founded and now heading up Siscale, an exceptionally talented team. Leading for more than system integration – driving for business results based on proven AIOps use cases. Interested to learn and share about how AI and ML can truly serve people and organizations. Motivated by meaningful achievement.