Application Logging with Elasticsearch at Naver

본 세션에서는 네이버에서 Elasticsearch를 활용해 개발한 PaaS형 애플리케이션 로깅 시스템인 NELO를 간략히 설명하고, 초기 Elasticsearch 클러스터 구성과 인덱싱 모델의 문제점을 해결하기 위해 멀티 클러스터를 구성하고, 인덱싱 모델을 개선하여 성능의 안정성을 개선한 방법에 대해 소개한다.

Jaeik Lee

Jaeik is leading in-house log management platform development for Naver and has used Elasticsearch from version 0.19 for developing log search features. He is a big fan of Elasticsearch because of its flexibility. Previously, Jaeik worked at Samsung Electronics for mobile Linux platform development. Every morning, he enjoys watching Coursera lectures while he washes the dishes to make his wife happy. Playing with their two sons and mountain climbing with them are Jaeik's biggest pleasures.