The Trix to Creating a {Total}ly New Customer Experience: Elastic @ General Mills

As our marketing efforts become more precise, our search capabilities needed to change to keep up. Migrating from Endeca to Elastic has been an interesting experience. As Endeca is a configuration intensive application and the search engine is a bit of a black box, Elastic has allowed us to reduce the configuration effort to almost nothing. Untested script code script code is a thing of past. Our searching has become very precise and efficient. This talk will be about our journey.

Doug Nelson

Doug is part of the Precision Marketing Capabilities group at General Mills and has focused on the search technologies for such sites as,, and several others. Search is an extremely important part of how content is featured and accessed on these sites.

Doug has always had an extreme interest in natural language processing and in driving a greater degree of relevancy to the results returned. Aside from the interesting stuff at work, Doug is an avid motorcyclist and downhill skier. As liking things that go fast, Elasticsearch was a perfect fit.